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Ways Cyber Liability Coverage Protects Your Company

The number of security breaches of computer data reached as high as 781 in 2015, and with increasing instances of computer hacking from domestic and foreign actors, no company wants to be caught off guard if the worst should happen and their data is spilled out for the world to see. This is where cyber liability in PA can save your business from a potential legal nightmare.

When Data Is Stolen

Computer breaches can expose the financial records of your clients or staff, as well as data on your business partners. Stolen data includes Social Security and credit card numbers, allowing identity thieves to gain access to accounts, causing damages that your business could be held liable for. Fortunately, cyber liability in PA can cover these damages, as well as court costs and other associated fees.

Other Coverage

In addition to data breaches, cyber liability insurance offers coverage for the following damages and costs:

  • Accidental transmission of malware and viruses
  • Public relations damages
  • Notification costs
  • Forensic investigation costs
  • Remediation costs to victims of stolen data

Protect Your Company

Computer hackers and identify thieves are on the prowl. Don’t let them destroy your company. With cyber liability in PA, you are equipping your company with legal sentinels that will protect you against damages. If you’re concerned about computer liability risks, ask your qualified insurer about coverage.