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Warehouse Insurance Goes Beyond Property and General Liability

You have business and personal property insurance. Check. You have general liability coverage. Check. You have a workers’ compensation policy. Check. You’re good to go. No check. If you run a warehouse, you need more than the standard business insurance policies. You need Orlando warehouse legal liability insurance to cover the additional dangers that come with owning and/or running warehouse facilities. The increased chances of physical loss and property damage alone can add up, so don’t take chances. Make certain everything is covered in your facility including cross-docking, labeling, packaging and storage. You need to be designated as the “bailee” for any property damages or loss.

Many things happen in a warehouse simultaneously, so it’s hard to stay on top of everything and everyone. Employee theft is common in logistics, and one reason why is because it’s much easier to give yourself a five-fingered discount in a huge warehouse facility than it is in a retail store. Even with cameras, you cannot see everything that is going on inside the warehouse. Other issues common to warehouses include flood and fire damage, cargo transit accidents, employee injuries, and spoilage if you store foodstuffs. Should a product be recalled would you be covered for the loss? You will if you purchase Orlando warehouse legal liability insurance and any additional coverage you need.