Marina Insurance

Understanding Injury on the Sea

Insurance for marinas is not the same as insurance for other types of companies when it comes to bodily injuries because of the different risks associated with maritime business. There are two categories of people that can be injured.

Marina Sailors

Individuals who come to your marina may suffer injury and decide to sue. They could come about this injury in a variety of ways:

  • Injury while on board a charter boat
  • Accident during a regatta
  • Accident during sailing school training

Your plan should include protection and indemnity coverage to protect you if a person injured in one of these situations brings a case against you.

Employed Seamen

Unlike worker’s compensation in other industries, insurance for marinas must be prepared for injured seamen to bring a case against their employers under the Jones Act. The Jones Act protects those injured at sea when their employer was negligent or when their vessel was unseaworthy. It is important to note that your seamen can also receive compensation for injuries under their right to maintenance and cure, so you need coverage even when your marina is not guilty of negligence.

The seas have many dangers, but insurance for marinas can cover you when a person experiences an injury under your watch, even though the coverage differs from on-land policies.