Temporary Staffing Insurance

What types of Insurance Does Your Staffing Agency Need?

Your staffing agency works with practically innumerable other businesses and industries, making the risks involved with running a business of this type particularly tough and diverse in nature. This is why you need to make sure that your temporary staffing insurance is up to par, and covers you from a huge number of threats both inside and outside of your home base. In order to operate effectively, you’re going to need a few types of insurance on your side, such as:

  • General liability insurance. This is the most basic coverage type you’ll be expected to have, and many clients and businesses will refuse to work with your employees and staff members if you don’t have it in your business.
  • Stop gap insurance helps in providing your employees with the money they deserve if they’re harmed on the job in another establishment, and that owner is then found negligible when it comes to providing a safe space and procedures.
  • Staffing security and liability insurance provides a better relationship with your business customers by offering them ensured protection against any employees you might have who are working with their computers and information systems.

These three types of temporary staffing insurance seek to make your finances and business integrity safer in their own distinct ways. Speak to a professional to learn about even more coverage options to make your business as safe as possible.