Freight Insurance

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Freight Insurance

Having your business thrive depends on successfully getting freight to its intended destination. However, in accomplishing this task, there are any number of unforeseeable events between the start of the journey and the completion of the shipping process. How can you minimize potential losses resulting from circumstances that are beyond your control? Having freight insurance is an essential means of mitigating your damages. There are several benefits to securing the proper insurance.

1. Receive a Customized Policy to Meet Unique Needs

There are various choices available when considering freight insurance. This is advantageous because your company receives coverage with features that are designed to satisfy its individual needs. The following are some noteworthy options that are offered:

  • Transportation legal liability products
  • Stock throughput insurance including CAT peril coverage
  • Marine insurance
  • Bailee/Warehouse legal liability coverage
  • Project and oversize cargo insurance

2. Get Protection for Intricate Shipments

Some freight involves more complicated logistics than others. For shipping that includes larger scale cargo, hazardous delivery locations, or items with an elevated worth, it’s crucial to have a policy that’s adapted to these details.

3. Eliminate Gaps in Coverage

By selecting suitable coverage options, you avoid finding a gap in what your policy covers. Facing situations such as stolen freight, misdelivery and nondelivery, natural disasters, crashes, overturned vehicles, damage from handling, and jettison, can be remedied when you have appropriate coverage.