Staff Insurance

Staffing Insurance and Recruitment Concerns

One of the primary objectives of a temporary employment agency is to help business owners find employees to fill any temporarily vacant positions. These agencies have the arduous task of selecting candidates by combing through any number of applications and sending the best available workers to get the job done.

When things work out to the satisfaction of all involved, that’s a really good thing, but for those times when issues erupt, or if a claim or lawsuit arises from a particular incident, the agency needs the protection of staffing insurance to help in settling any claims or lawsuits.

First mission is to find qualified candidates

Businesses in the habit of employing a recruitment agency are in need of savvy individuals to separate the applicants by abilities, sending them only the most qualified candidates. However, with deadlines to meet and obligations to fulfill, there are times when expectations fall short. It can truly be a detriment if the person hired doesn’t possess the necessary skills involved, and on occasion the applicants being presented may not always be the right person for the job. Obviously, business owners want to make sure that they are getting the person best suited for the task, particularly when it involves a substantial salary.

Naturally, the agency runs the risk of sending over someone who may not be a perfect fit for the listed position, but they need to do their best to satisfy their client’s needs in order to retain their business arrangement. The owner, of course, has the final say in whom will get the job, but this may involve spending time interviewing applicants who perhaps shouldn’t have been sent to them in the first place.

Placement of recruits is often challenging

When dealing with a staffing agency, the act of finding the right employee isn’t always so simple. This can be due to the fact that the best available candidates don’t always use an agency, preferring to network on their own and send out resumes to any potential employers. But staffing companies work hard to deliver people with the right credentials, ones that will satisfy their clients’ needs.

Applicants may not always present the true facts about their work history and this can lead to issues as well. There is definitely a lot of risk involved in recruiting employees for different companies, and maintaining staffing insurance is one way to mitigate many of these risks.