Car Insurance

Securing Car Insurance When Buying a New Vehicle

If you’re thinking of buying a new car soon, it’s essential that you not neglect to insure it before you drive it off the lot. Finding the right car insurance in Virginia is just as essential as finding the right car for your specific needs, so be sure you work with your insurance agent just as much as you work with a car salesperson.

Buying a New Car

When you’re buying a new car without replacing an old one, you’ll need to have liability insurance at the very least. You’ll likely want to have collision insurance as well, but you should at the very least have liability coverage before driving your new car off the lot.

Replacing Your Current Car

If you’re replacing your current car, it’s best that you contact your insurance agent to see if you can transfer your current policy, or at least get a temporary one. Depending on your current car insurance in Virginia, you might have as many as 30 days to inform your agent of your new car.

Buying a car is undoubtedly exciting, but don’t let your excitement blind you from taking steps to properly protect your investment. Make sure you have proper coverage before driving your new ride home.