Website Insurance

Redesigning Your Insurance Agency’s Website

Business today relies so much on the internet. Without a strong web presence, your insurance agency will suffer and struggle to attract new clients. Fortunately, if your website is convoluted, doesn’t have a strong brand or isn’t optimized for mobile use, there are professional designers that help overhaul insurance agent websites.

Choosing a Design Service

First, find a design company that is interested in your agency. Before they can even begin to craft an excellent website for you, they need to know all about your firm, your company culture and your objectives. With that information, they can only then determine the best strategy to develop an excellent website that mirrors your company’s character.

Of course, you want to choose a design firm with experience. Despite the internet being relatively new, you can still find website designers with more than 20 years of experience writing copy so that your website can really shine.

Website Statistics

To get a better idea of the worth of excellent insurance agent websites, consider the following statistics. About 64% of companies in a survey reported increased sales because they optimized their website for tablet use and 48% of people in a survey reported that website design is the primary factor that alters their decision whether or not to work with a certain company. Listen to the success of companies that have already overhauled their website and overhaul yours today.