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Protect Yourself and Your Pet

Dogs have been known for decades to be man’s best friend. They are loveable, loyal, and excited to greet you when you come home from a long day. Unfortunately, over that last several years there has been an increase of lawsuits over injuries caused by dogs. There are charges for everything from scratches or bites to injuries from tripping over a leash. Liability dog insurance may be the best way to protect you and your dog.

The average claim for an injury caused by a dog is about $32,000. That is a lot of money to pay because someone tripped over a leash and sustained minor injuries. The cost of insurance ranges from less than $200 per year to about $400 per year, per animal. That is substantially less than the cost of a claim. This insurance covers not only you and your pet, but your landlord and any property you are renting can also be added to the policy.

The world today seems to be sue-happy. People will sue others for things that could have been avoided if they had been more careful themselves. Choosing to carry liability dog insurance may be a simple solution to avoiding problems caused by people claiming injury due to your dog. It is affordable, simple to purchase, and protects you from potential problems.