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Protect Your Investment with Windstorm Insurance

Investment properties are just as susceptible to hurricane damage as residential buildings. It might seem as if they would be built to withstand a storm better, but many are not. An investment property is a huge commitment, and Florida windstorm insurance helps to protect owners against financial loss.

Types of Investment Properties

Investment property isn’t just residential apartment buildings. Many other types of buildings add value to an investor’s portfolio, and they include:

  • Commercial space, including office, retail, self storage, and mixed-use properties
  • Industrial space, including distribution facilities, manufacturing plants, and warehouses
  • Institutional space, including banks, medical facilities, and schools

Windstorm Coverage

Do not make the mistake of assuming that your investment property is insured against a Florida windstorm. You do not want to endure a high-wind attack of Mother Nature only to find out that your roof won’t be replaced even though a tree was blown onto it. Worse, you don’t want to have to pay a huge deductible for minimal damage.

When shopping for Florida windstorm insurance, look to policy options that are flexible. For example, a “fixed” deductible works well if you anticipate your property will sustain extensive damage in a storm. If you prefer, opt for a percentage-based deductible, which means you pay a percentage of your entire damages. Either way, get full windstorm coverage today.