Dog Bite Insurance

Protect Yourself and Your Beloved Companions With Dog Bite Insurance

When shopping for dog bite insurance, there are many factors that both homeowners and renters should consider. Pet owners with renters or homeowner’s insurance may already be covered for dog-related injuries. If not, prices for policies covering these injuries vary significantly on a case-by-case basis.

Determine If Your Existing Policy Covers Injuries Inflicted by Dogs

Though uncommon, some insurance policies may cover dog bites. If they do not, pet owners can purchase canine liability insurance. This can ensure that your current homeowner insurance company is no longer responsible for your dog. If you are a renter, this can also absolve your landlord or property manager of responsibility in the event that your dog injures someone. Many landlords will typically not rent to dog owners, particularly of certain breeds labeled “dangerous,” unless they have dog bite insurance.

Consider the Costs

Prices for canine liability policies can range significantly depending on the dog’s breed, weight, and bite history. For small, non-aggressive breeds without a bite history, coverage may cost only a small monthly payment. Some homeowner’s insurance companies may refuse to insure certain breeds or dogs with aggressive histories, but many canine liability policies offer full coverage of these dogs at higher prices.
Dog bites can be distressing for all involved and very expensive to treat. If you are a dog owner, consider protecting yourself and all members of your family with dog bite insurance.