Professional Liability Insurance

Precision Manufacturers Insurance for Risk Management

Precision Manufacturers Insurance Services (PMIS) in California understands the needs of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers create and distribute products across the US that aid in our nation’s commerce and increase our economic growth. Coverage requirements for the manufacturing industry are meant to protect these companies in the event that their products suffer from manufacturing defects, particularly anything that may cause an injury to the end user.

Manufacturers insurance for liability issues is just one concern. Like many other industries, manufacturers have employees to take care of, property to ensure against damage, and a need for loss control solutions, as well as concerns related to the health and well-being of their staff, requiring them to provide workers comp insurance and health benefits.

PMIS has expert knowledge of manufacturers and their needs, giving them the ability to identify and close any gaps that may exist in your current policy with an aim towards lowering your current insurance expenditures. They focus on the amount of liability exposure you may have and can also help assess how much you can afford to risk in the event that you experience a significant loss.

PMIS values your contributions

Your contributions to companies and consumers throughout this Country are immense. Manufacturers are often on time constraints to get products out to their customers and this kind of pressure can easily lead to mistakes that could negatively impact your business.
This could also result in serious financial losses and is a detriment to your overall success.

Without the necessary business insurance in place some mishap, for example, an important piece of equipment malfunctioning or breaking down, could bring on a work stoppage and client complaints for non-delivery. The last thing we would want is for you to be worrying about getting your operation back up and running. PMIS wants to give you the opportunity to deal with these issues swiftly and efficiently.

When talking to an agent at Precision Manufacturers Insurance Services you’ll enjoy expert advice on how to protect your business and you’ll also be able to compare insurance quotes from some of the country’s top-rated carriers.