Commercial Package Insurance

Personalized Insurance Solutions for Personalized Risks

Your Carmel-area company faces a distinctive set of risks dictated by your industry, customer base, operations methods and other unique factors. Nevertheless, the critical goal is to shield your enterprise from serious or catastrophic losses. If you’re pondering a business owners policy, that’s a good start. However, a commercial package policy in Carmel offers a more customized solution to protect your firm.

Commercial Package Policies Address Exclusive Risk Factors

You might already be familiar with the basics behind business owner policies. Most insurers create them to provide general property and liability coverage: for example, buildings, land, equipment, personal effects on your premises, and liability applied to injuries, accidents, theft and other hazards. Sometimes, property coverage can also incorporate mobile property, valuable papers and other goods. Typically, BOPs also include business interruption insurance, which pays claims stemming from costs you incur to stay operational in unusual circumstances or losses you face if forced to close. Additionally, equipment breakdowns are addresses by most BOP policies.

A commercial package policy in Carmel is a specialized form of a BOP, individually created by bundling additional products with a BOP or by crafting a completely new bundled coverage package. You may need extras such as crime, cyber liability, business auto and other products. Your insurance agent will help you assess your company’s risks, and blend a solution that best meets your needs.