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Do You Need Dog Bite Liability Insurance?

If you own a dog, you probably worry about making sure your four-legged friend is getting enough play time or is well-behaved enough to go for a walk. Many times, dog owners forget that one behavioral trait dogs exhibit is that they bite. And whether your dog is a gentle giant or a tiny toy, dog’s teeth are sharp and can cause a lot of damage to human skin, especially a young child who may not understand a dog’s cues. Some renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policies do provide limited coverage for dog bites, but the policy might also exclude certain accidents. Liability insurance for dogs covers you for dog bites, no matter what your own insurance policy provides.

Certain breeds are often thought of as being more prone to biting. Many property management companies won’t rent to you unless you do carry liability insurance for dogs on more protective breeds, such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, or Doberman Pinschers. No one wants to consider that their canine buddy might ever hurt someone, but there’s no guarantee that your dog won’t. Protect yourself financially by making sure you have insurance coverage to protect yourself and your family, friends and neighbors. Dogs make great companions, but they are protective and can attack the only way they know how.