Insurance Advertising

Local SEO for Small Insurance Agencies

Search engine optimization is important for all businesses. SEO involves making your website and content relevant to potential customers so that your web pages and other content ranks high in search engine results. SEO for insurance companies requires a solid strategy.

Local Versus Organic

Google recently updated its algorithm. Web search is now broken down into three categories: paid advertisements, local businesses, and organic websites. Local SEO aims to present people searching for products and services within a limited area with nearby business directories as opposed to websites. Organic SEO presents websites from within a much broader proximity to people searching for relevant key terms. These websites show up in search results below any paid ads.

Local SEO for insurance companies doesn’t pay as much attention to websites. It is more focused on a company’s address, phone number, hours of operation and customer reviews. This allows smaller agencies an advantage.

Engaging in organic SEO requires competing on a larger playing field. This type of SEO typically requires deeper pockets and dedicated specialists.


As an insurance agency, you should focus most of your efforts on local SEO. Optimizing for local SEO focuses on location because Google puts significant weight on proximity to the search query. This means you need to list an address even if you work from home. You also want positive online reviews. Consider encouraging customers to leave a review.

As a small insurance agency, SEO can seem a bit intimidating. Take things one step at a time. Focus on local SEO and servicing your customers well.