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Key Industries Covered by Daniels Insurance

When you need proper insurance coverage, Daniels Insurance is a great place to turn. With experience in several industries, there are a few key markets they specialize in. These include but are not limited to:


There are a lot of risks in the manufacturing business. Injuries are a common reason for lawsuits, and also a common reason workers’ compensation is important. Manufacturing also plays a role in many other industries, and when customers are dissatisfied with the production, a manufacturer could end up needing the assistance that comes with proper insurance coverage.


Electrical work is inherently dangerous and proper insurance coverage is essential. It also carries other risks that often need coverage. This might include errors and omissions or business auto. Whether you are a single electrician or have a crew, it’s important to find proper coverage through Daniels Insurance.

Public Entity

State and local public entities are often under scrutiny from many angles. They are clearly in view of the public and when mistakes are made, lawsuits often start coming at them. Insurance coverage specific to these public entities will help to ensure legal fees, settlement costs and other financial obligations are met.

As you can see, Daniels Insurance covers a wide range of industries. If you are interested in reviewing your current policy, contact your agent to see where you can improve coverage.