Avoid the Crunch

Work and play go together. Yes, education is important, but you can’t have a balanced child, or family life without a little bit of play.

If your family is looking to go out this weekend and you’re near West LA, avoid going more south than Marina Del Rey. If you’re coming from the southland, we recommend having your fun near Long Beach.

The LAX area will be a deadzone according to the good people behind Century Crunch, which is also the name of this carpocalypse thats going to be happening on the 405 freeway between July 25th all the way through to the Monday of the 28th.

Apparently the city is clearing the bridge near Aviation close to the airport in order to begin making way for a commuter rail option. Hopefully in 10 years we can have less to worry about in terms of congestion, but if the growing number of LA Schools and overall rise in people moving into the city shows, that’s probably not going to happen

Until then, survive the Century Crunch, and have fun, fun, fun!