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Insurance Options for Pet Owners

As a responsible dog owner it is up to you to ensure that your pet is always on his or her best behavior. Whether your dog’s actions lands him in the emergency room or she develops a debilitating disease later in life that takes requires expensive medical treatment, your dog’s medical care, without proper insurance in place, can cost you at any point in their life.

You also need to be insured in the event your dog bites or otherwise injures a person or their pet. Having dog bite insurance will address many situations, whether or not the dog was provoked, or regardless of whom the victim is. Without insurance you can expect to have to pay any associated medical bills, along with settlement amounts for litigation issues.

What every dog owner should know

Every dog owner must have adequate insurance coverage for incidents involving his or her dog. The size of your pet, along with the history and temperament of the dog will not provide exceptions to this rule since even a small dog can leave permanent scars on the face and body of a small child when it attacks.

Many people who do have homeowners insurance or renters insurance may be adequately covered, but a huge percentage of dog owners may not have coverage through these policies, simply because there are policies that exclude accidents involving any and all animals, including dogs or certain breeds of dog. Some polices will impose a lower limit of coverage, which may be insufficient for a serious injury involving your animal. For example, a policy with a $300,000 limit for personal injuries might have a $25,000 limit if the injuries are caused by a dog or other animal, so it’s important to know what is covered under any policy.

If your current policy doesn’t cover injuries caused by dogs, consider an umbrella policy because these policies fill those gaps that occur in most homeowners and renters policies, or you may opt for a dog bite insurance policy because it will cover incidents involving dogs. When considering an umbrella policy, however, confirm that it provides coverage for injuries caused by your dog because some umbrellas exist that do not cover pets.