Insurance Advertising

Improving Your Current Online Presence

What enables you to set apart your website from others competing for the same audience is your ability to captivate your audience. Getting visitors to return is no easy task because people get bored very easily. We live in an era of short attention spans, so you have to hook them as early as possible. This is where designing Web sites for Insurance Agents comes into play.

Your goal is to get them to buy your products or services, or at least request more information about your company. The purpose, of course, should be to provide satisfying content. This will make people want to learn more and hopefully refer others to you and your agency.

You need to be engaging

If your aim is for visitors to your website to want to engage with you, either online or by calling your office directly, you have to be engaging as well. By making the process of contacting you less difficult, your visitors will believe you are sincere and will feel appreciated. You should encourage feedback, whether good or bad, since it starts a dialogue. The purpose should be to provide helpful information that will give you something to build upon.

Customers want to feel like they’re important to you. By responding to comments in a timely manner you can accomplish this small feat. By encouraging engagement on your website, and then dropping the ball, you’re likely to lose potential customers who don’t want to waste time reaching out to you if you don’t respond. Knowing you’re willing to listen goes a long way towards building trust.

It’s really about providing good content, putting your personality online by including pictures of you and your team, and building relationships. Your branding will be vital to your success. This will help your agency stand out from the competition, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine.

Become a resource of information, for example, by providing free reports that people can easily download from your website, and you should constantly be updating your site so you can avoid slow loading graphics that freeze up, broken links, or presenting missing or incorrect information. Websites for Insurance Agents succeed when they’re always accessible and fully responsive.