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Healthcare Providers and Workmans Comp Insurance

Your clients operating within the healthcare industry have a lot of concerns with maintaining and running their facilities properly in order to provide a safe haven for their residents and the people in their employ. One issue that impacts them all is employee safety and injuries resulting from the stressful duties performed on a routine basis. These owners realize that their staff cannot perform their duties if they become hurt or injured while at work and also understand that it is their responsibility to provide workmans comp insurance to help deal with any job-related accidents.

While a high percentage of injuries may be considered “inconsequential” usually only requiring some first aid treatment or possibly one or two visits to the doctor, some injuries are more severe. Unfortunately, some minor injuries, left untreated, could become an even greater issue. If the frequency of minor injuries is not addressed, then a more severe claim is likely to follow.

False claims and faked injuries are somewhat uncommon

Fortunately, the number of false (did not occur, or occurred outside of the workplace) or fake claims actually represents a small percentage of injuries, although employees may often exaggerate the extent of their injuries. This can be costly to employers, especially when the recovery process is delayed. Employers should address all claims by ensuring that the employee is getting the proper medical treatment, communicating both, their concerns and support of the injured individual, reducing any disruption to the employee’s life as much as possible during their recovery, and attempting to return the employee to work as soon as it is advised by a physician, including work modification where necessary.

While most of the strain and sprain injuries are a result of overexertion, employees who are overweight create an added concern since they tend to have more injuries than their counterparts, and those dealing with diabetes tend to take longer to heal from injuries than other people.

The first step in reducing claims is implementing top-notch workplace safety programs, but something also nearly as vital is creating more stringent hiring practices. Still, almost all injuries are a result of unsafe acts, not unsafe conditions, and even if all workplace hazards are eliminated, injuries will still happen and workmans comp insurance is the tool to get injured workers the care they need and deserve.