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Food Contamination Is an Insurable Incident

Food poisoning stands as perhaps the worst thing a restaurant owner can experience. This could be the result of acquiring tainted meat or other food products, or due to hygiene and cleanliness issues in your facility. Whatever the cause, the cost of dealing with this situation can be very expensive and permanently ruin your reputation. Avoidance is key, but having Fine Dining Insurance in California will at least come to your aid when an outbreak of this type occurs.

To avoid such accidents is crucial. Your aim should be to show guests that the facility is always kept clean and tidy. Employees or any persons working with, or coming into contact with food should be inspected. They should be expected to show up to work looking neat and clean. Special attention should be given to cleanliness; hair should be kept in a bun or covered, fingernails should be a proper length, since bacteria can live under nails. Never should a sick employee be allowed to report to work or enter the kitchen at any time.

Have strict food handling procedures in place

Restaurateurs who care about cleanliness and food safety must insist that their employees take precautions at every turn. All staff should wash their hands with antibacterial soap and hot water prior to starting their shift and signs should be posted as a helpful reminder to employees to wash their hands after each to the lavatory facilities.

Raw food, especially meat, poultry and seafood should be adequately separated to avoid cross-contamination. Cross-contamination of these food products usually happens when raw meat comes into contact with foods that are eaten fresh, such as salads. Make sure to have tables cleared as soon as guests have left, taking extra care to check the floor for food scraps and other debris. One good hygienic practice is the cleaning of tables and furniture with a mild disinfectant.

Make sure the kitchen is professionally cleaned regularly, using a degreaser to remove grime off of equipment and ensuring that food is always prepared in the cleanest spaces possible. Employees must use extreme care in handling knives and other sharp objects, and avoid cuts while working around the preparation area, which could potentially contaminate foods. Fine Dining Insurance in California is the best policy to have when issues arise in your establishment.