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What Should Be Covered by Business Liability Insurance?

If you are a business owner or executive in the Orlando, Florida, area, have you considered your Orlando business insurance needs? What kind of liability coverage might you need? Are you certain that you currently carry an appropriate amount of coverage? Consider the following to find your answers.

Basic Liability Insurance

Most businesses need at least basic coverage that protects against the following claims:

  • Damage to others’ property
  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury, including slander and libel
  • False advertising

Coverage That Goes Beyond Basic Liability Insurance

Businesses should also consider other areas of risk not typically covered by basic liability insurance. These areas can include the following:

  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Management liability
  • Professional liability
  • Employment practices liability

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Finally, a commercial umbrella policy may be helpful. An umbrella policy takes over coverage when other policies have reached their limits. This kind of policy can be especially helpful in case of major catastrophic events. This policy is a way to protect yourself and your business when your other policies just aren’t enough.

Of course, you need coverage against any claims or lawsuits, but you may need the help of a professional in Orlando business insurance to determine the extent of coverage you need. Whatever coverage you decide is right for you, you can protect your business and your assets.