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Coverage for Animals Considered to be A Danger

There are dog owners that prefer breeds known to be exceptionally aggressive. Some dogs are used for security purposes or other jobs that require an animal that poses a threat. Then there are those that just happen to like pit bulls, Rottweilers and other breeds that are ferocious by nature. If you are one of the people who have these dogs as pets you cannot afford to be uninsured or inadequately insured. You have options to purchase umbrella coverage, excess coverage, or canine liability policies (aka dangerous dog insurance), all of which can provide protection in the event that your dog bites someone.

For example, by purchasing an umbrella policy you will be able to cover any injury inflicted by your dog that is not covered by your homeowner’s policy. An excess policy also provides a higher policy limit for losses covered by the primary insurance, and a canine liability policy is written specifically for dog owners for the purpose of ensuring those having a difficult time obtaining coverage for injuries, damages, or losses caused by their dog.

The umbrella policy provides relief to dog owners

It can be a major financial strain when your homeowner or renters policy doesn’t cover canine-inflicted injuries. Talking to an agent that is knowledgeable about this coverage can help inform you as to how to go about purchasing a personal umbrella liability policy that will provide coverage for excess liability over underlying liability coverage. It’s important to understand that there are policies that exclude dog bites, or that provide inadequate limits for the victim of dog bite insurance settlements.

Unfortunately, in many cases dogs bite people that they are familiar with, even visitors in their own home. Victims are often friends or relatives so it’s crucial to read any policy that you buy carefully to ensure that it doesn’t exclude canine-inflicted injuries. It’s vital that you purchase insurance before an unfortunate incident actually occurs.

If you are unable to secure dangerous dog insurance for any reason you may want to speak to several insurance companies about purchasing a policy for canine liability. Dog bite insurance settlements can be quite costly, so speak to an agent today about any questions or concerns.