Insurance Advertising

4 Steps to Attracting Clients Online

Lead acquisition is one of the most significant challenges of insurance agencies and agents. Although the majority of agents use social media and lead generation, less than 30% use the platforms for customer engagement. Several steps can be taken to make insurance agency marketing through social media an effective method for engaging clients and generating quality leads.

1. Know your clients

Correctly identifying your target audience and understanding its needs is crucial to connecting on a personal level. It can help you develop strategies that are critical to building online communities, fostering loyalty and creating sustainable growth.

2. Design a mobile-friendly website.

Smartphones are used to surf the web, answer emails and to interact with social media. If a website isn’t mobile friendly or if it is not immediately perceived as professional, people will go elsewhere.

3. Measure customer sentiment.

Surveys and in-app rating prompt track customer satisfaction and their willingness to recommend the agency. These can indicate how customers feel toward the organization, which can help guide the marketing strategy.

4. Create a referral program.

Research shows that businesses with referral programs have more lifetime customers and close leads faster than those that do not. Successful programs change and grow to stay current and keep up with client needs and offer tangible value.

Effective insurance agency marketing strategies attract the target audience, make clients feel appreciated and offer genuine engagement opportunities. It all starts with keeping the client’s needs in mind and making a connection.