Restauraunt Insurance

3 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Insurance in Arizona

With rich culinary tradition and an eclectic food scene, it’s obvious why Arizona’s restaurant industry is thriving. Behind all of the great food is a safety net protecting many of the assets, employees, and customers involved. Restaurant insurance in Arizona is an integral part of the booming market.

Whether you are considering opening a new restaurant or have been established in the Grand Canyon State for years, an understanding of your insurance options is essential. Beyond the common elements of a standard insurance policy, there are three lesser known options that may reduce your risk exposure.

1. Food Contamination Insurance

Spoiled food and recalls have the potential to devastate a restaurant. Food contamination insurance covers the holes that may exist in your general liability policy, including coverage for issues related to bacteria, mold, and other contaminants.

2. Business Interruption Coverage

A storm or other event can make it impossible for you to serve customers. Business interruption coverage may help you pay bills that may have otherwise not been covered.

3. Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Power surges, motor burnout, and other issues that cause equipment to breakdown can halt operation, resulting in a significant loss. This coverage can help you resume business more quickly by paying for the damage to your equipment.

Finding the right restaurant insurance in Arizona is a crucial safeguard for your business. To ensure you will be protected in the event of loss or accident, consider options beyond standard coverage.