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3 Types of Insurance Policies for Your Business

Make sure your business is protected by investing in a business owners insurance policy. From basic general liability protection to specific needs, it’s important that you explore various coverage options. Here are some of the most popular policies for business owners.

1. Basic Business Owners

A basic business owners policy in Florida is designed for small and midsize firms. It typically combines general liability and property coverage, as well as other items, into one policy.

2. Commercial Package

When you’re looking for a business owners policy in Florida for your larger company, invest in a commercial package that bundles your coverage into one. Don’t be afraid to look for a team able to review every aspect of your business and find you the best coverage.

3. Large Corporate

Large corporate companies typically have more clients, operations and risks. For this reason, a business owners policy in Florida designed for a larger company is ideal for certain industries:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Community Association
  • Healthcare Organization
  • Transportation Company

This covers everything from general liability to pollution liability.

Insure Your Investment

Whether your business is small or a large, well-established firm, risk mitigation is important. Customizing insurance dependent on your specific needs ensures that every part of your business is covered top to bottom.